Dometic 43.5L Fridge or Freezer with Insulated Cover



- Double-sided opening lid; User-friendly lid hinge design
- Fits standard Riesling bottle upright
- Optimised storage volume with a single interior compartment for either cooling or freezing
- Generous insulation for better cooling performance and energy efficiency
- Compact; Lightweight; Spacious & Flexible Storage
- Smart Electronics; LED Light; Dimmable LED Screen
- Dual Power AC & DC Ports; Strong Handles
- Insulated cover included
- Cover has a cut-out section for easy access to AC and DC sockets
- Cover also has practical pockets on the outside to hold small items and cords

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A new addition to Dometics' portable fridge range has arrived!  With a stylish, modern design and an efficient interior storage layout that will benefit anyone who loves the outdoors, The Dometic CFF 45 has a generous insulation built into the unit which ensures excellent cooling throughout the system.

Weighing in at under 19 kg, the CFF 45 stretches every one of its 43.5 litres of volume - resulting in one of Dometic's most economical portable fridge/freezers yet. The interior storage allocation was at the forefront of the Dometic CFF 45's design, with the result providing a more uniform temperature distribution throughout the interior. This coupled with the generous insulation results in moderate power draw from the battery, making the Dometic CFF 45 an excellent choice for adventurers' truly living mobile.

The Dometic CFF 45 has a double-sided opening lid which makes it versatile. Enjoy the flexibility to choose between running the CFF 45 as a fridge or freezer, removing the boundaries when it comes to deciding what to pack for a trip.

The CFF 45 Pack includes a protective cover that helps protect your portable fridge or freezer from dirt, dust, sand, moisture, and water splashes. This new insulated cover is the next step in caring for your CFF 45.


Depth :  398 mm
Height : 475 mm
Width :  715 mm
Net weight : 18.90 kg
Gross volume : 45.00L
Input voltage (AC) : 100-240 V
Input voltage (DC) : 12/24 V
Input frequency : 50/60 Hz
Colour : Grey

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Dometic 43.5L Fridge or Freezer with Insulated Cover




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