Caravan Diesel Heaters

Cut heating times with a caravan diesel heater. Diesel heating is one of the most effective ways of heating your caravan, RV or motorhome on the road and is often cheaper than a gas heater. Stay warm in your caravan with our selection of diesel heaters. Featuring models from Eberspacher and Truma, these heaters run off your diesel fuel tank and are some of the quietest and most reliable heaters on the market. Say goodbye to ticking fuel pumps, poor performance and difficult installation.

A fan pushes the warm air around your caravan or RV, while the heater's intelligent design and controllability reduce the heat output and fan speed as the temperature rises to keep you comfortable at all times. Our range of caravan diesel heaters is the best on the market, featuring quiet operation of the fan, compact design and efficient diesel fuel consumption to help you stay warm even in the coldest conditions. Choose from a number of low maintenance units and never worry about heating again. Easy installation of the units means you don't have to worry about tearing your RV or caravan apart or trying to find space amongst your possessions.

Our range of caravan diesel heaters offers safe and comfortable heating for your caravan, RV, camper trailer or motorhome and are the easiest and most efficient choice for staying warm on the road. We stock the best diesel heater options from reliable manufacturers that you can depend on for your heating throughout Australia.

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On Sale

Eberspacher D2L AS3 Diesel Air Heater 12V - Single Outlet kit

$2,300.00 $2,776.00

New D2L Features

- Easy start pro full digital controller
- Brushless motor with longer service life and stepless power control
- Super quiet fuel pump (no ticking)
- Quieter blower (fan)
- Stepless heat output levels and improved temperature regulation
- Built in altitude sensor up to 3000m

Standard kit components

- Espar / Eberspacher airtronic D2L diesel air heater
- Easy start pro controller
- Heavy duty mounting plate
- All duct, vents, screws etc. for full install
- See the kit contents tab for a full list of kit components

This product is our standard kit, which includes everything you need for a typical installation. For a bit extra, this premium ket includes a heater cover, extra wiring and fuse kit, intake silencer and fuel filter kit.

The Eberspacher D2L Airtronic diesel fueled heater offers optimised fuel efficiency, a range of operation modes and unsurpassed safety standards. Certified for installation in passenger areas and in proximity to dangerous substances.

The D2L is the updated version of the D2 – featuring better high altitude performance, much quieter fuel pump, long lasting brushless motor, and stepless heating from 850W to 2,200W.

The standard heater is suitable for normal heating operation up to an altitude of 3000 meters, for operation above 3000 meters an altitude kit will be required.

Kit Includes:

- Eberspacher Artronic D2L Desel Air Heater
- Easy Start Pro digital controller
- Heavy duty mounting plate
- Fuel pump (12v)
- Fuel hose
- Fuel T piece kit
- Exhaust Silencer / Muffler
- Electrical harnesses
- Stainless steel exhaust pipe
- Combustion intake pipe
- 1m Flexible ducting (60 mm. diameter)
- Inlet / Outlet grills (on heater)
- Air outlet grill (60 mm. diameter)
- Screws, clips and plastic straps required for installation

On Sale

Eberspacher Diesel Heater AX1 D2, 12V, 801 MOD., SINGLE KIT (Supersedes 292110010034)

$2,195.00 $2,399.00


- Fully electronic microprocessor control
- Continuous monitoring
- Power stage to cut heating times
- Smooth automatic room temperature control with a temperature pre-set facility
- Low fuel and power consumption, suitable for longer periods of operation
- More comfort due to wide control range and quiet night time operation
- Diagnostic system
- Includes the Eberspacher 801 Modulator Controller - a digital controller for the Eberspacher diesel air heater range

NOTE: This requires a fuel standpipe or fuel tank that is not included.

Truma Combi D6-Kit Diesel Heater with Hot Water (Cream)



Combi D 6 is extremely compact and an absolute lightweight compared to other heaters with a similar output. Your Combi heater is controlled simply with a digital control panel. In combination with a Truma air conditioner, you can also select the automatic climate control option on the control panel. This ensures that inside the vehicle you always have the desired temperature.


- The powerful, quiet fan ensures optimum warm air distribution
- Truma Combi D 6 can also be operated with an empty water tank
- FrostControl drain valve is installed
- Compact and space-saving, which allows various installation options for Combi D6
- Infinitely variable temperature adjustment with the digital CP plus control panel
- Automatic climate control possible in combination with a Truma air conditioner
- Low energy consumption
- White Cowl

Kit Includes:
1 x 33504-27 - Truma Combi D6-KIT Diesel Heater with Hot water
4 x 40171-05 - Air Outlet
4 x 40241-01 - Clamp-Duct
4 x 40181-01 - Nut for Air Outlet
1 x 40040-29200 - Grill Air Intake
1 x 34400-03 - Wall Cowl WKCD (White)


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