Join the revolution with our range of versatile couplings from AL-KO, an industry leader in towing technology. From snap-on couplings to off-road, override and electric variants, our offerings guarantee a secure and reliable connection each and every time. Explore the range below and embark on your travels with unmatched confidence and a secure connection thanks to our unmatched selection.

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AL-KO - Off Road Coupling - 3.5 Tonne Fixed


Engineered by AL-KO in Australia specifically for extreme off-road adventure, the new AL-KO Off-Road Ball Coupling incorporates extreme vertical and horizontal articulation as well as a quick & easy hitching design that requires no pin or hole alignment.

When a standard coupling is used for rough off-road use the Australian Standard degree of articulation (or angles of available movement) may be insufficient.This articulation problem was solved by the introduction of AL-KO’s “Original” Off-Road Ball Coupling.

Now many years down the track our Australian engineers have incorporated feedback from manufacturers, retailers and caravan owners into a new generation product that provides further improved ease of use and durability for serious off-road use.

The New Off-Road Ball Coupling is made from high quality materials designed to endure serious off road use and provide you with the confidence you need to take your rig in to even the most remote parts of Australia.

The new & improved range of low profile Off-Road Ball Couplings are suitable for use with a standard 50mm ball.


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