Tyre and Compressor Accessories

Maintain optimal performance with our range of tyre and compressor accessories from Bushranger & BMPRO. Whether you're inflating or deflating tyres, managing and monitoring your pressure, or doing some air-powered cleaning, our accessories ensure you're equipped for the road ahead. Explore our curated selection below and make sure you've got everything you need for the job at hand with Shop RV Parts.

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BMPRO SmartPressure



SmartConnect range
Maintains accurate recordings of tyre pressure and internal temperature
DIY installation in minutes
Package includes: 2 x tyre pressure sensors, 1 x toolkit
Compatible with BMPRO Smart RV systems JHub, Odyssey, JAYCOMMAND, RVMaster
REQUIRES ControlNode103 (for JHub users) or OdysseyLink103 (for Odyssey users).

Compressor Air 180L/min 12vdc with bag


Powerful air compressors great for a variety of outdoor activities and emergency situations such as pumping flat car/4x4/truck tyres, inflatable boats, air beds, etc. Both models incorporate automatic thermal cut-out for added protection as well as cleanable air filters to keep the units free from dirt and other contaminants. Includes heavy duty battery clamps for secure connection to your 12V power source and extendable coil hoses for reaching those tricky spots. Each unit has anti-vibration mounting feet to ensure they stay planted to the ground and a foam grip handle. Accessory nozzels for pumping bike tyres, balls, and other inflatables included as well as a black carry bag.

Bushranger Plugga III


Kit includes:

- Reaming tool
- Plug insertion needle with metal stop
- Replacement insertion needle
- Allen key
- Long nose pliers
- Plug trimming knife
- Pencil tyre gauge
- Pot of plug lubricant
- Tyre valve replacement cores
- Tyre valve repair tool
- 20 Repair plugs
- Storage case.

Bushranger Max Air III Compressor



- Flow rate: 72 LPM
- Maximum Pressure: 150 psi
- 12 volt motor and air pump
- Trigger style inflation gun with locking lever
- Built in deflator button on trigger
- Pressure Switch: On: 0 - 120 psi ( +/- 5% ) | Off: 150 psi ( +/- 5% )
- Thermal overload protection
- Back-lit Large Digital Display
- Heavy Duty power lead and 40A inline fuse for compressor protection
- 2.5m power cord and 9m flexible fiber reinforced air hose with an 11.5m reach
- Built-in on-off switch
- Removable rubber mounted base-plate disperses vibration and is removable for hard mount applications
- Hard mount kit to permanently mount compressor, dry sump allows for multiple angle mounting.
- Quality manufactured and accredited to International ISO9002 Standards and conforms to AS/NZS1044
- 3 additional nozzles
- Robust Carry/Storage bag with additional pockets for extra items.
- Accessories and spare parts available (sold separately)


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