Coast V2 Grey Sunscreen W3415mmxH1800mm to suit 12' CF Awning.

$90.00 $114.40

Coast's range of sunscreens have been redesigned with the end result being a stronger and more functional sunscreen.

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The front and side sunscreens now feature a newly developed, ultrasonically welded spline that won't kink over time. There are also newly added reinforcing triangles (with D-rings) that enable the sunscreen to be secured to awning legs. Once you have taken it out of the packaging, shake it out like a blanket and grab the end without the eyelets. Simply thread it through the track on your awning lead bar.

Key Features:

- Improved spline
- Added reinforced triangles with D-rings
- Hemmed edging all round prevent to prevent fraying
- Comes with guy ropes and heavy duty 8mm steel pegs (for securing to the ground)
- Offers extra privacy
- Now with a huge 3yr warranty

ARPANZA Test Results:

- Cover Factor: 91.0 +/- 2.5
- UVR Block: 90.4% +/- 2.5%
- Shade Factor: 86.6 +/- 2.9
- Calculated Protection Factor: 11*

* The Calculated Protection Factor is for the material only and does not account for the effect of indirect UVR when situated at a distance from the persons being protected.

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Coast V2 Grey Sunscreen W3415mmxH1800mm to suit 12' CF Awning.

$90.00 $114.40



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