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Discover a comprehensive range of cleaning accessories and parts at ShopRVParts. From detergents that effectively cut through grease to brushes that scrub away dirt, our selection is designed to make cleaning tasks a breeze. Whether you're cleaning your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry, we've got the accessories and parts to help you get the job done. With our products, achieving a thorough clean in your caravan is simple and convenient.

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Outback RV Superwash 750ml


This product has been specially formulated to dissolve iron ore and red dirt quickly and efficiently without using dangerous chemicals or damaging the sensitive surfaces on your RV or Caravan. It is made with an acid-free, environmentally sustainable solution that can be used safely on a wide range of surfaces from painted to plastic to aluminium.

RV Super Wash is a highly versatile product that can be used on any surface of your Vehicle making it the ideal solution for the keen travellers making their way across the expansive landscape.


• Environmentally sustainable, acid-free solution
• Can be used on a number of surfaces and safe on decals, perspex and aluminium.
• Removes red dirt stains easily and quickly
• Perfect for Caravans, RV and trailers.

Directions for use

  1. Dilute as per recommended dilution rate on the Product label.
  2. Spray, brush or snow foam onto the surface being cleaned till it is saturated.
  3. Agitate solution onto the surface being cleaned with a stiff-bristled brush, Broom or microfibre cloth.
  4. Allow approximately 5 minutes dwell time to enable the RV Super Wash to penetrate the dirty surface.
  5. Agitate the surface again lightly.
  6. Rinse with a high-pressure washer or hose until all solution, and Red Dirt has been removed from the surface.

Dometic Dryroll



Water can easily track up the paper if it is left hanging through the seal. The automatic paper retract feature ensures that loose ends are kept clear of of the opening so that your paper stays dry. We want every aspect of your journey to be a pleasant one, so no more wet toilet tissue makes for a happy explorer

Dometic Brush & Stow



We want you to travel in complete comfort and convenience. This is the idea behind our Hygiene & Sanitation range. It provides you with well engineered sanitation solutions and practical, easy to-use hygiene accessories for undiminished recreation.


- Small brush head is custom designed for compact toilets
- Wall mounted container for a secure hold during the journey
- Push-release for hygienic, non-contact brush head replacement
- Tight closing lock-in lid keeps shower water out and traps odours in
- Brush container can be removed for easy cleaning


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