Carefree Altitude HD Support Pole Kit (Satin) - R019399-002


The new Carefree Altitude HD Support Pole Kit is a purposed-designed support pole kit to suit Carefree's Altitude Awnings, and other rollout awnings without support legs.

Kit Includes:
2 x Stabiliz'r Poles with crank knobs
2 x Cradle Heads
2 x Stabiliz'r Grip heads
2 x Straps
4 x stakes

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Staying in one place for an extended time with an Altitude awning will require them to have some kind of upright support. The HD Support Pole Kit comes with two connecting heads so it can be used to support awnings with roll bars as well as box awnings. They are designed to fit both Carefree and other branded awnings. Features included:

- Cradle head to support awnings with roll bars
- Stabiliz'r Grip head to allow securing to a box awning
- Poles feature crank knobs to secure the pole to the adjusted height
- Comes with stakes and straps to secure the poles to the ground and awning.
- Designed for quick set up, under 5 minutes!

When using this kit with Altitude awnings, or any powered awning, ensure that the awning's power is switched OFF prior to installation! This prevents any sensors the awning has from activating and causing it to retract. If you need to adjust the awning pitch after set up, loosen the pole's straps and lower before adjusting.

Length: 1422mm / 2743mm extended

David R
17 Jun 2022

Bought awning pole kit from Anthea in parts store. Good price, friendly staff , quick service. Can highly recommend this site. Regards David.


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