Carefree 17Ft - FIESTA Triple BLACK Shale Fade Awning - with LED - No Arms/Hardware


Carefree’s vinyl fabric features a superior construction with the top portion being called the Weatherguard – this protects the fabric from the sun, scrapes and exposure when the awning is rolled up. The Carefree Fiesta has long been a favourite amongst RVers, not only in the USA but here in Australia as well. It is a simple to use manual, spring loaded, rollout awning featuring a vinyl weatherguard as previously mentioned. Sizes vary - the 11’ – 14’ awnings project up to 7’3” (2.21m), while the awnings from 15’ – 20’ project up to 7' 6 ¾" (2.30m).

Unique Features to the Carefree Triple Black Awning

- Black end caps
- Black weatherguard – these awnings roll up black
- Black Shale Fade Canopy – when rolled out the canopy has a black valance

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