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Enhance your caravan's interior with our range of skylights, vents, and parts from Dometic. Our selection includes various designs and sizes to improve airflow and natural light in your mobile home.


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Dometic Heki Spoiler, Long - 1100mm


This Dometic spoiler for Hekis and Midi Hekis is made of UV-resistant plastic. Highly recommended for reducing noise caused by the wind blowing across your roof light.

This Dometic Heki-SPLR is made of UV-resistant plastic for Heki roof window models 1 to 4 and Midi Heki. Highly recommended for reducing noise caused by the wind blowing across your roof light, it is available in two different sizes to fit roof window with a width of up to 800 or 1100 mm.



Dometic Midi Heki Skylight Crank with LED Lighting & White Edge Dome


The new look Dometic LED Midi Heki transforms the classic caravan skylight into the complete lighting solution. Fill your RV with natural light and fresh air during the day, and light up the night with adjustable inbuilt LED's.

Designed for complete comfort control the LED Midi Heki roof hatch features a double glazed acrylic dome, with crank handle operation it can be opened to any angle up to 60 degrees. On those not so bright days the signature bad weather setting continues to provides ventilation while preventing rain entry.

The modernised internal frame incorporates a block-out blind, insect screen and adjustable LED lighting. Bright white LED's provide ample lighting for RV living and the blue night light setting is great for after hours navigation.


- Redesigned aerodynamic dome for reduce noise when travelling (Perfect for motorhomes)
- Tinted double glazed dome for added temperature control
- Crank handle allows variable opening up to 60 degree
- Bad weather setting allows ventilation while restricting water entry
- Insect screen and block-out bind for complete indoor comfort
- Multiple mounting kits available - suitable for roof thickness 25mm to 60mm
- 1 year warranty.

Dometic Midi Heki Electric with White Edge Dome


This Dometic Midi Heki roof light is fantastically convenient thanks to an electric motor for opening and closing the dome. Its double acrylic glazing ensures insualtion when closed and the frame is made from a durable, weather-resistant ASA plastic.

The dome also has an inner frame with separately adjustable darkening blind and fly screen to keep insects out. The Midi Heki is available with or without forced ventilation.


- An electric motor opens and closes the dome
- Dome with double acrylic glazing
- Separately adjustable darkening and fly screens
- Hassle-free cleaning

Dometic Mini Skylight White, Roof Thickness 43-60mm


DOMETIC MINI HEKI PLUS ROOF LIGHT - Suits Roof Thickness 42-60mm

This sturdy, compact roof light can be opened to three different positions, allowing use even in bad weather! Includes optional forced ventilation for plenty of fresh air and separately adjustable fly and darkening screens to keep out unwanted sunlight and insects.

This compact Dometic Mini Heki Plus roof light with forced ventilation fits neatly into a standard 400 x 400 mm roof aperture and lets plenty of light into the interior. Using a handle, it’s easy to open to one of three positions: fully open, half-open, and a bad weather position in which water is prevented from penetrating. Separately adjustable darkening and fly screens give you full control. Suitable for roofs 25–42 mm thick.


- Using handles, it can be placed in three different positions: fully open, half-open, and bad weather
- Separately adjustable darkening and fly screens keep light and insects out
- Forced ventilation maximises intake of fresh air
- 400 x 400 mm
- For roofs 43–60 mm thick - Select Size Required
- Insulated dome with single acrylic glazing

Dometic Fan-Tastic Model 7350 Vent Fan


Dometic FanTastic Vent 7350 does it in a matter of minutes, warm and stale air out, fresh and clean air in, and it's pleasantly quiet and energy saving too.  The core of this truly fantastic ventilation solution is a high performance rotary fan which is firmly integrated in the roof window and can be adjusted as required.

Simply set the desired temperature on the remote control and the fan motor will start and stop automatically as the interior temperature of the vehicle exceeds or drops below the selected temperature level.  FanTastic Vent works with the roof window slightly open to create a pleasant, draught-free air flow.  For true comfort at your convenience, the FanTastic Vent has an built-in thermostat to take care of maintaining your desired temperature.  Then, in case of rain, the rain sensor will automatically close the doem when wet.  


- 14 fixed manual speeds or automatic variable speeds
- Reverse switch controls the fan blade direction (OUT- exhaust or IN- intake)
- Rain sensor with On/Off switch and automatic dome open/close switch
- A built-in thermostat maintains your desired comfort level
- Fits standard roof window 14" x 14"
- Automatic lift dome
- Remote control with wall cradle; 2 AA batteries required
- 1 Year Warranty

Dometic GY11 Roof Ventilation with Motor, 12 V DC


Dometic GY11 12v extractor fan is an electric model operating with a powerful motorised 2 speed 12 Volt fan for especially powerful ventilation.  This extractor is the ideal solution for removing unwanted odours and fumes from your caravan or motorhome.  Made of weather-resistant plastic material, Dometic's cooker hood roof domes are robust and durable.


- Powerfrul motorised roof ventilator 
- Adjustable two-speed fan
- Robust waterproof roof dome


Dometic Dust Reduction System - DRS285


The Dometic Dust Reduction System (DRS) is a rooftop ventilation unit which minimises the amount of dust, pollen and other airborne particles entering your Caravan and remain suspended in the air for an extended time after stopping.

To ensure top performance, the Dometic DRS has been developed using advanced computer modelling and has undergone extensive performance testing in Australia's dusty country with some serious impressive results.

The unit is fitted to the roof of the caravan and operates while the vehicle is in motion. There are no motors or electrical parts so there's no need for power.  This non-powered unit works while you are driving by allowing filtered, clean air to enter and pressurise the vehicle which reduces additional dust from entering the RV.  The easiest way to keep your caravan clean.

With a sleek modern design the DRS can be fitted into a range of rooftop openings - from 285 x 285mm to 400 x 400mm.

Dometic DRS285 Main Filter


Genuine replacement Dust Filter to suit the Dometic Dust Reduction System (DRS285).

To ensure your DRS is working as effectively as possible, the filter will occasionally need to be replaced. This filter is constructed from water, mould and bacteria resistant material and features a pleated design which maximises dust holding capacity.

Recommended Filter Replacement Interval:
Sealed Roads: 10,000km
Dusty Roads: 5000km
Following Vehicle on extremely dusty roads: 1000km

Dometic Mini Skylight White, Roof Thickness 25-42mm


This sturdy, compact roof light can be opened to three different positions, allowing use even in bad weather! 

Includes optional forced ventilation for plenty of fresh air and separately adjustable fly and darkening screens to keep out unwanted sunlight and insects.


- Using handles, it can be placed in three different positions: fully open, half-open, and bad weather
- Separately adjustable darkening and fly screens keep light and insects out
- Forced ventilation maximises intake of fresh air
- Insulated dome with single acrylic glazing
- Roof Cut out of 400 x 400 mm
- For Roofs 25 - 42 mm thickness

Dometic Heki 2 Skylight


The Dometic Heki 2 admits lots of light and fresh air into caravans. A roller fly screen and darkening blind are mounted on the inner frame and can be adjusted independently or together.

The window panel is easy to open using a metal bar handle and has pneumatic springs to hold it securely in place. A bad weather position keeps rain out while preventing the wind from lifting the panel.

Enjoy fresh air and light at your own convenience.


Roof thickness Mounting Bracket: You will need to be midful of your rook thickness and the installation kit you require. Some kits will carry an additional cost to the Heki 2.

  • Screws Item no. 25 – 32 mm Grey ∅ 4 x 25 mm Included in the scope of delivery
  • 33 – 39 mm Black ∅ 4 x 32 mm 9104100245
  • 39 – 46 mm Yellow ∅ 4 x 40 mm 9104100246
  • 46 – 53 mm Blue ∅ 4 x 46 mm 9104100247
  • 53 – 60 mm Red ∅ 4 x 52 mm 9104100248

Dometic Fan-Tastic Model 3350 Vent Fan


This model is activated when the three speed switch is turned to any of the three speed selections. The dome cover is opened when the dome up switch is activated and closed when the down feature is selected.

To activate the fan blade, the built-in thermostat must be turned to a lower temperature than the current interior temperature. The fan will shut off when pre-selected temperature is reached, but dome stays open for ventilation until the down feature is selected or the Built- in rain sensor automatically closes the dome.

Once the sensor dries, the dome will re-open and the fan will resume running at its former setting. A built-in manual knob can be used to close the dome in an emergency or to adjust the dome to a desired partially open height or to override the rain sensor.

For storage, the dome switch must be in the down position and the three speed switch to the off (0) position. The vent has a reverse switch for either intake or exhaust. The fan draws only 3 amps. max. and has a built in 6 amp fuse which is easily accessible on the face.


Dometic Midi Heki Skylight with LED Lighting & White Edge Dome


A large 700x500mm skylight roof hatch from Dometic, the Midi Heki LED skylight with push bar is perfect for those who want some more natural light and fresh air into your recreational vehicle. This skylight is your ticket to lying under the stars, while being in the comfort of your nice warm RV.

Dometic's Midi Heki skylight does more than just let you smell a crackling fire or listen to the birds sing - it lets air, light and life into your RV, whilst still being responsible for keeping bugs, insects and direct sunlight out.

The LED lighting in the new Dometic Midi Heki can produce both white and blue light at the flick of a switch. The white LED lighting provides strong interior lighting during the evening, creating a homely feel inside your RV. The blue LED lighting, in contrast, is perfect for use during the night, creating a softer light that allows you to find your way through your RV in the early hours of the morning. The new double acrylic glazed dome provides cozy insulation, protecting you against the cold climates that mobile living can throw at you.




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