Caravan Levels & Chocks

Ensure perfect equilibrium with our selection of rugged caravan levels and chocks. With a range of sophisticated level systems and robust wheel chocks from Fiamma and Camec, every product ensures the stability and safety of your caravan or RV. Discover the range below and invest in caravan levels to make uneven terrains a thing of the past.

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Fiamma Level System Jumbo Set / 2. 97901-016


Fiamma Level Jumbo two Piece Set. Even bigger than the Magnum at 60x26x12cm, these levels are especially suited to twin wheel motorhomes and are of course more resistant to 'sinking' too. Made in Italy

Wheel Level and Chock Camec, Colour Teal


Wheel chock locks into ridges of the level ramp and secures the wheel safely in place.

Wheel Chock Camec, Colour Teal


Can be used with levels to secure wheels during long stopovers.


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