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Personalize and protect your caravan with our range of caravan fixtures and accessories. Whether it's functional steps, precision levels, or protective mudguards, we cater to all your caravan needs. Dive into a world of quality and innovation and explore the selection below.

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Fiamma Level System Jumbo Set / 2. 97901-016


Fiamma Level Jumbo two Piece Set. Even bigger than the Magnum at 60x26x12cm, these levels are especially suited to twin wheel motorhomes and are of course more resistant to 'sinking' too. Made in Italy

Fiamma Clean Step-Green 450MM x 400MM. 04593-01


Made from durable plastic it has a grass appearance & is supplied with springs for installation. Available in green. One step cover per pack.

Wheel Level and Chock Camec, Colour Teal


Wheel chock locks into ridges of the level ramp and secures the wheel safely in place.

Wheel Chock Camec, Colour Teal


Can be used with levels to secure wheels during long stopovers.

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B Klamp It - 13-15", 165mm-185mm

$229.00 $276.10

Klamp It Wheel Clamp range is manufactured to the standard needed to receive the 'stamp of approval' from the insurance industry and leading motoring organisations.

Klamp It is designed for Australian conditions, using premium materials and finished in durable and highly visible gloss power coat. The circular steel plate protects wheel nuts from access and the clamp grips the tyre, preventing movement. This double action security is secured with a high security built in push lock for total security. Built-in push lock, comes with 2 keys. Suitable for marine, trailer, caravan, small to large cars, 4WDs and golf carts.

Klamp It Wheel Clamps are a bold visual deterrent to thieves and are user friendly and can normally be fitted in just 30 seconds.

Clearance between the tyre and the wheel arch needs to be about 40mm. To check, get a tape measure and pull out 40mm. Next, hold it around the top edge of the tyre between it and the wheel arch as shown here. Standard vehicles rarely lack clearance, however modified cars might if they have been lowered.


- Highly Visual, deters thieves from approach
- Easy To Install Or Remove In Seconds
- Prevents Access To Wheel Nuts
- Heavy Duty Security Clamp And Keylock
- Australia's Leading Wheel Clamp
- 12 Month Warranty

Milenco Torque Wrench & Wheel Nut Indicators - 24 pack


A major issue for any caravan user is the risk of caravan wheels working loose and detaching from the vehicle, resulting in potential catastrophic damage or severe injury.

This is an essential piece of safety equipment for anybody who tows or drives a recreational vehicle. This enables the user to correctly torque the caravan wheels to the manufacturers specification and to maintain that torque at the correct level to prevent the wheel nuts or bolts working loose.


Torque Wrench Includes:

1 x Torque Wrench
1 x Extension Bar
1 x 19mm deep socket
1 x 21mm deep socket
1 x Plastic storage case
24 x Wheel Nut Indicators

Milenco Caps - Wheel Nut Indicators (pack of 12)


You have seen them on trucks and now you purchase them for your Caravan. Fits all Alko or BPW standard bolts.
They are especially designed for Alloy Wheels and have a unique registered design to enable you to see immediately if your wheelbolts become loose.


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