Camping Tools

Whether you’re digging yourself out on a beach or clearing a campsite before pitching a tent, the right camping tools make life easier. We stock a range of durable and lightweight camping tools from leading brands, including Navigator and Bushranger, that should be part of any serious adventurer’s car kit. Browse the selection below and get yourself sorted before you head out on your next camping trip.


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Camping Kit Starter pack


The Camping Kit Starter pack includes:

4 x Ground Dog screw in pegs with Hook Collars
4 x High Viz Tie Down Straps
4 x Safety Springs
1 x 19mm Drill Adaptor
4 x Ground Puppy screw in pegs

The Camping Kit Starter Pack is the essential starter kit for all new campers!

Camping can be the ultimate outdoor experience, or a total disaster – it may all depend on the equipment that you are using. To give you peace of mind, we have put together a camping kit starter pack, that consists of everything that you will need to safely secure your tent or gazebo.

No more hammering tent pegs into the ground!!! It is hard work hammering the standard tent peg into the ground, you struggle to get them in the ground, and then you struggle to remove them, often resulting in a bent peg, which becomes unusable for next time!

The Ground Dog screw in pegs, and the Ground Puppy screw in pegs are your answer!

Navigator Rake Head Attachment


The Navigator Rake Head Attachment is made to be interchangeable with the Shovel Buddy head.

Included is an extension shaft (360mm) which can also be used to extend the Shovel Buddy (Sold separately). Allowing you four length options.


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