Camping Cupboards and Pantries

Upgrade your food storage and protect your ingredients with a camping cupboard. Browse the selection below for options from leading manufacturers Navigator and Oztent.

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Navigator Pantry Wine Buddy


Keep your precious bottles of wine and jars of food from clanging together in the kitchen while travelling with the Pantry Jar Buddy by Navigator. Give yourself peace of mind as you drive across corrugations, knowing your happy hour drinks and safe and sound.

Navigator Outdoor Storage Buddy


The Navigator Outdoor Storage Buddy is so cool and can be used for so many different things - store your light pantry items, shoes, daily items - sunscreen, hats etc. So many uses!

Oztent Double Camp Cupboard


Introducing the Oztent Double Camper Cupboard! Building on the ever popular Oztent Camp Cupboard - the Double Camper Cupboard features easy setup and pack-down, 2 storage areas with 3 shelves each, extra large side pockets, a laminated aluminium resin bench top and it all packs down to a flat pack size which is perfect for your next camping adventure.

The Oztent Double Camper Cupboard is strong and sturdy - you can even use the bench top to cook on!

On Sale

Oztent Camper Cupboard

$169.99 $249.99

Oztent is known for making camping easier by making the highest quality and most innovative products.

The new Oztent Camper Cupboard is no exception to this. You can now store all of your goods and food safely in no time at all. The easy lock and release mechanisms make for super fast setup and pack down with no fuss!


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