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Prestige Camper Cover 8-10' (2400-3100mm)


The Prestige Camper Cover features a triple layer of breathable UV stabilised, waterproof fabric which covers the entire roof area of the van. The side panels are constructed from a water-resistant polypropylene which is naturally moisture resistant so it won't shrink or stretch. The material's breathability allows any wetness and condensation to quickly evaporate and avoids heat build up between the cover and the van. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to fit and it won't scratch or dull the van's finish. It includes an elasticised hem with reinforced material around the base which helps avoid damage caused by sharp or protruding edges. Reinforced corners and double stitched seams have also been added to ensure durability. The cover is secured with front & rear dual clip nylon straps.


- Triple layered 100% waterproof roof section
- UV stabilised for increased protection
- Water resistant breathable side panels
- Lightweight construction for easy fitment
- Reinforced skirting with elasticised hem
- Soft non abrasive fabric
- Reinforced corners with doube stitched seams
- Material resists rot & mildew
- Two front & two rear nylon securing straps


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