Box Battery Plastic with Power Accessories + USB Charger



Circuit Breaker: 16A
USB Sockets: 1 x 1A, 1 x 2.1A (3.1A Total)
Cigarette Sockets: 2

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No longer do you have to take a bird's nest of wiring and connections for your deep cycle battery when you go camping; this extremely handy battery box has all the common connections you would typically need, along with a convenient carry handle. Just fit your 100Ah deep cycle battery into the box, connect up the positive and negative wires, and you are ready to go. Features an LED voltmeter to help monitor battery level, two high current marine grade cigarette power sockets, two USB sockets, and high current bolt terminals to connect your higher current loads such as an inverter. Over current protection included for the cigarette sockets.


Width: 424mm
Height: 306mm
Depth: 251mm

Width: 338mm
Height: 220mm
Depth: 206mm

Battery Dimensions
Width: 330mm
Height: 217mm
Depth: 185mm


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Box Battery Plastic with Power Accessories + USB Charger