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BatteryCheckPRO is a wireless battery monitor manufactured by BMPRO. It connects to a range of standard deep cycle batteries and communicates with smartphones via Bluetooth. BatteryCheckPRO provides real time battery management data that allows users to effectively monitor remaining battery energy via a simple to use free app. Choose BatteryCheckPRO if you operate microwave, inverter, hair dryer, or have other high current requirements (over 100A). Instantly view volts and amps, time remaining, battery temperature, battery status, state of charge and battery health. BatteryCheckPRO will monitor performance of your battery so you can ensure you'll always have enough power to keep your adventures on track!

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Depth: 140mm
Height: 65mm
Depth: 18.6mm
Weight: 520g


Input Voltage Range: - 8 to 16V
Voltage Measurement Resolution: <20 mV
Continuous Current Rating: 240A
Current Measurement Range: 300A
Current Measurement Resolution: < 150 mA
Overload Protection: (100ms w/out damage) ±800A
Monitored Battery Capacity: 7Ah to 800Ah
Temp Measurement Range: -20 ÌŠC to 70 ÌŠC (@ Battery Terminal)

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BMPRO BatteryCheckPRO




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