BMPRO BatteryCheck100



Communicates with smartphones via Bluetooth
Free BatteryCheck100 app via Google Play and iTunes App Store
Easy DIY installation - no mechanical expertise required
Works with batteries in parallel (7Ah-800Ah battery bank)
Internal shunt capacity - 80A continuous
Compatible with any deep cycle 12 or 24V Lead Acid, AGM and Gel battery
1 year warranty.

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The BM PRO BatteryCheck100 is a no fuss wireless battery monitor. This compact device attaches simply to your RV battery and transmits real time battery data directly to your smart phone. Your batteries vital statistics are translated into easy to digest information via the unique BM Pro App.

As solar and battery technologies advance travellers are gaining access to more remote locations. Exploring these untouched wonderlands requires a comprehensive knowledge of your batteries capabilities. Instantly view volts and amps, time remaining, temperature, battery status and battery health. The BMPRO BatteryCheck gives you the confidence you need, knowing you won't be caught short.

The Battery Check is a great retrofit option for your existing RV system without needing to install a complete Battery Management System.


Width: 140mm
Height: 65mm
Depth: 20mm
Weight: < 1kg


Model: 500-00727, BCHECK100
Barcode: 735850008318
Voltage Measurement Range: 8V to 30V
Current Measurement Range: +/- 100Amp
Temp Measurement Range: -20C to 70C (@ Battery Terminal)
Monitored Battery Capacity: 7Ah to 800Ah
Input Voltage: 8V to 30V
Quiescent Current Drain: < 10 mA

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BMPRO BatteryCheck100




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