Black T-Handle Small


Camec's T-handle suits popular caravans such as Jayco. This replacement housing accommodates Camec's 'One-Key Fits All' barrel eliminating the need to have a different key for every lock.

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The One-Key Solution for ALL your locks. Caravan and RV vehicles are equipped with a variety of doors, hatches, vents and outlets that are fitted with different keys to unlock each one. CAMEC now have a solution that allows you to upgrade each of these locks so you need only one key to unlock all of them.

No Barrel included
Compatible with CAMEC One-Key system
Handle is 60mm x 25mm
Extends out 46mm
Shaft extends 30mm long at rear, and 8mm square with thread
Rear securing screws are 38mm apart
No Screws provided, reuse existing

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