B Klamp It - 13-15", 165mm-185mm

$229.00 $276.10

Seek the pinnacle of vehicle security with the B Klamp It wheel clamps. Designed to deter even the most committed thieves and burglars, this heavy-duty wheel clamp offers unmatched double-action security that will keep your investment safe, no matter what. With its hassle-free installation and pronounced visibility, it stands as the premier deterrent against potential theft. Reinforce your peace of mind and know that your vehicle is protected at all times with the market-leading B Klamp It wheel clamps.

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Klamp It Wheel Clamp range is manufactured to the standard needed to receive the 'stamp of approval' from the insurance industry and leading motoring organisations.

Klamp It is designed for Australian conditions, using premium materials and finished in durable and highly visible gloss power coat. The circular steel plate protects wheel nuts from access and the clamp grips the tyre, preventing movement. This double action security is secured with a high security built in push lock for total security. Built-in push lock, comes with 2 keys. Suitable for marine, trailer, caravan, small to large cars, 4WDs and golf carts.

Klamp It Wheel Clamps are a bold visual deterrent to thieves and are user friendly and can normally be fitted in just 30 seconds.

Clearance between the tyre and the wheel arch needs to be about 40mm. To check, get a tape measure and pull out 40mm. Next, hold it around the top edge of the tyre between it and the wheel arch as shown here. Standard vehicles rarely lack clearance, however modified cars might if they have been lowered.


- Highly Visual, deters thieves from approach
- Easy To Install Or Remove In Seconds
- Prevents Access To Wheel Nuts
- Heavy Duty Security Clamp And Keylock
- Australia's Leading Wheel Clamp
- 12 Month Warranty

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B Klamp It - 13-15", 165mm-185mm

$229.00 $276.10



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