Awning Tie Down Kit (To suit Fiamma & Thule)


The Awning Tie Down Kit was developed for Motorhomes & RVs that have European Awnings such as Fiamma & Thule.

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The Awning Tie Down Kits include:

2 x G2 Ground Dogs with Hook Collar
2 x Hi-Viz Tie down straps
2 x strap retaining clips
2 x Safety Springs.
1 x 19mm Socket with Drill adaptor
1 x Canvas zip bag

Securing your awning has never been easier, than with an Outback Tracks Tie-Down Kit! The Tie-Down Kit suits Fiamma and Thule awnings, allowing you to securely anchor your awning leg vertically when detached from the side of your Motorhome.

Once the leg has been detached & positioned, simply slip the Anchor Plate over the bar on the foot of the awning leg, & drill in the Ground Dog screw in pegs with the wing collars, use the Ground Dog screw in pegs with the hook collar to add tie downs for extra security.

The advantages of positioning your awning leg vertically, is that it gives you clear walkway access, with awesome visability of your surrounding area. Dropping the awning leg to a vertical position means that you don't have to duck under diagonal awning legs every time you walk down the side of your motorhome!

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36 × 15 × 8 cm

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Awning Tie Down Kit (To suit Fiamma & Thule)