Anti-Theft Accessories

Safeguarding your caravan has never been easier with our range of anti-theft accessories. With an impressive range of innovative products from leading brands such as WiTi and Purpleline, these anti-theft accessories ensure the security of your investment. Browse the range below and find the accessory that's right for your needs.

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Purpleline Anti Theft Pack. CSK100/ old SHL/FSWC.



- Quick and easy to install and remove
- Made from specially hardened high tensile steel
- Resistant to cutting and drilling
- Samurai Clamp is suitable for both on and off road wheels
- Saracen Hitch Lock fits standard 50mm couplings fitted to most Caravans and Camper Trailers in Australia
- Both Clamp and Hitch Lock feature a 7 PIN barrel lock - keyed alike
- 2 year warranty

Smart Bluetooth Padlock + Biometric Access


Unlock this padlock by simply swiping your finger or by using an app on your Smartphone. Perfect for applications where it is inconvenient to carry keys, such as the gym, or when you have many people who need to gain access.

The lock is able to recognise up to 15 different fingerprints, and a record of the last 1000 scans can be reviewed on the app to see who has gained access. The internal Li-Po battery has a standby time of 4 months before needing to be charged by USB. The 303 stainless steel shackle and IPX7 rated aluminium body makes it suitable for outdoor use.


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