Anti Flap Kit


A flapping awning can be very irritating and noisy.

The Caravan Anti Flap Kit is designed to secure an awning, to lessen the amount of flap, and significantly reduce the irritating noise.

The Anti Flat Kit can also be used to fasten the awning valance, and stop it from flapping.

The Anti Flap Kit consists of:

4 Multi-Purpose Tarp Gripers
4 Bungee Cords

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Reduce the awning flap by using the Awning Anti Flap Kit

An effective way to reduce the noice of the awning flapping in the wind, is to use the Awning Anti Flap Kit.

The Tarp Gripper is fastened on to the awning, a bungee cord is wrapped around the caravan awning arm and hooked onto the Tarp Gripper to hold it securely. Once it is in place it reduces the amount of flap and noise on the awning!


Corrugated edges to hold awning
Tightening mechanism with wing nut to lock and hold awning in place
Bungee cord with stopper
Easy thread & hook system

The Awning Anti Flap Kit is ideal to use on Gazebos to reduce the flap, limit irritating noise, and hold the panels firmly so that water does not pool on top.

The Awning Anti Flap Kit is perfect to secure the skirt of the awning to prevent it from flapping and making a noise.

0.0228 kg

12 × 5 × 18 cm

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Anti Flap Kit