Anchor Plate Kit


Securely anchor an awning leg vertically when detached from the side of a Caravan/Motorhome.

Position the awning leg vertically, and then slip the Awning Anchor plate over the bar on the foot of the awning leg, & drill in the two Ground Dog screw in pegs, with wing collars. Use the Ground Dog screw in tent pegs with the hook collar to add tie downs for extra security if required.

The benefit of a vertical awning leg is that it gives a clear walkway around the caravan, and there is no need to duck under diagonal awning legs. A vertical awning leg also gives a better view to appreciate the surrounding area.

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The ultimate way to secure your awning is with an Awning Anchor Plate Kit

When it comes to securing a vertical caravan leg, the Awning Anchor Plate Kit is the ideal solution.

A vertical caravan leg allows you to wonder freely around your caravan without having to walk around the angled awning leg, or duck to avoid hitting it.

By repositioning the caravan awning leg, you no longer have a bar obstructing your view, allowing you to appreciate the view and your surrounding area.

The kit includes:

4 x Ground Dog screw in pegs
4 x Wing Collars
2 x Anchor plates
1 x 19mm Socket with Drill Adaptor


Ground Dog screw in pegs with aggressive thread and tappered shaft
Bright orange wing collars
Unique stainless steel Awning Anchor Plate
19mm socket and Drill Adaptor

0.805 kg

27 × 5 × 16 cm

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Anchor Plate Kit