AL-KO - 2 Tonne Bearing Kit Japanese Quality - 487001


To keep your Caravan towing safety good bearings are a must and this handy kit from AL-KO it is just that supplied with only high quality Japanese bearings as standard. This kit is suited for the big heavy duty 2000 kg or AL-KO 2 Tonne axles and is complete for one side including all seals.

It always pays to use quality bearings over the budget generics ensuring your wheels turn as they should from the beginning of your trip to very end.

Also as it comes in a skin pack it is perfect to add to your list of emergency spares and ready to go if ever needed.

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1 x HR30210J Cup
1 x 15245 Cup
1 x HR30210J Cone
1 x 15123 Cone
1 x Grease Cap
1 x Seal

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AL-KO - 2 Tonne Bearing Kit Japanese Quality - 487001




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