AL-KO Brake Calipers - Hydraulic Disc Brake Caliper Set - Stainless Steel - 341051


Journey into a realm of unparalleled braking technology with the AL-KO Hydraulic Disc Brake Calipers. Every aspect of these callipers is well-considered and speaks to their quality, from the rust-resistant pistons to the stainless steel craftsmanship. Meanwhile, the user-friendly design makes installation a breeze. Especially suitable for multi-axle configurations, the actuation of these brake calipers proves superior, setting a new standard in trailer safety and efficiency. Make the switch and feel the AL-KO difference.

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AL-KO Stainless Steel Hydraulic Disc Brake Calipers are fitted with pistons that will not rust.

The simplicity of hydraulic lines connecting multiple calipers makes this style of caliper suitable for installations where more than one axle is used.

Hydraulic disc brake calipers can be actuated using an hydraulic over ride coupling or via an electric over hyraulic actuation system such as AL-KO IQ7.

Trailers with loaded weights exceeding 2000kg require independent control and breakaway facility, causing the brakes to automatically be activated should the towing vehicle and the trailer become accidentally disconnected. AL-KO IQ7 will fulfil this legal requirement.
Hydraulic calipers can also be operated using hydraulic over ride couplings.
AL-KO Hydraulic calipers are suitable for disc hubs and rotors of thicknesses from 12mm to 15mm.

AL-KO Hydraulic disc brake calipers have a mounting hole spacing of 88.9mm centre to centre. Recommended operating pressure is 6.9 mpa (1000psi).


2 x Stainless Steel Hydraulic Disc Brake Calipers Finished
2 x Brake Pads

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AL-KO Brake Calipers - Hydraulic Disc Brake Caliper Set - Stainless Steel - 341051




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