Keep your vehicle on the road at all times with our extensive range of AL-KO products and accessories including stabilisers, jockey wheels, bearing kits, marine winches, locks, and anti-theft devices for your safety and protection. AL-KO deliver quality premium RV parts and a comprehensive range of accessories for your caravan or motorhome.

In Australia, AL-KO is one of the leading manufacturers and providers of a range of high-quality carriage components, running gear and accessories for caravans, trailers and RVs, including axles, brakes and suspension products, as well as motorhome chassis and undercarriage components. Whether you need to service your vehicle or make wholesale changes, AL-KO is the leading choice in Australia for carriage and chassis components.

Our range of premium AL-KO RV parts and accessories contains everything to keep your vehicle in working order and on the road. Whether it is brake cables or a hydraulic bleed gun, you can trust AL-KO to deliver the best made and most reliable RV parts in Australia. Whatever you need, the AL-KO name is a guarantee of quality.


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AL-KO - 2 Tonne Bearing Kit Japanese Quality - 487001



1 x HR30210J Cup
1 x 15245 Cup
1 x HR30210J Cone
1 x 15123 Cone
1 x Grease Cap
1 x Seal

AL-KO - Wheel Stud And Nut Set - 1/2" UNF Kit - Black - 490360


AL-KO Wheel Studs and nut kits are available in various sizes. Always ensure that you use wheel studs and nuts that are correct for the wheel size selected. Includes 5 x wheel Studs, 1/2" black and 5 x wheel nuts to suit.

AL-KO 3 SPEED 10:1 Marine Winch with Strap - 635010W


They feature ultra high strength shaft bushes, a stainless steel drive shaft, drive pawl and spring system for maximum corrosion resistance.

A unique feature of the Premium range is the galvanised rectangular frame that provides the high resistance to torsional distortion.

The clever handle design allows quick release and re-attachment to the desired gear shaft without the operator having to jump from one side of the trailer to the other.

The bolt hole patterns suit most existing boat trailers.

AL-KO - Electric Brake Magnet Kit - 10" Off Road - Right Hand Side - 339015


This core should be periodically inspected for wear and the magnet replaced if excessive clearance or wear is evident. As the off road magnet does not use a magnet retaining clip, we suggest it is held in place for the initial installation by a light rubber band which will disintegrate on the first brake application. When purchasing, ensure you have selected the correct magnet for the correct side as a left and right hand side version is available.

Side: Right Hand Side (driver)


1 x AL-KO Offroad Magnet
1 x Magnet spring

AL-KO - Universal Coupling Lock - 616950


Secure your caravan, boat trailer, box trailer or horse float against theft using AL-KO's coupling lock.
The AL-KO coupling lock fits directly to standard 50mm ball couplings preventing a ball from being inserted in to the coupling until it has been removed.
The AL-KO coupling lock is powder coated and zinc plated components for corrosion resistance.
The incorporated locking mechanism is provided with 2 x keys.

AL-KO - LM Marine Bearing Kit, Japanese - 482051


Marine trailer wheel bearings comprise of two parts, the cup which is pressed into the hub and the cone, this is the part that contains the rollers of the marine trailer wheel bearing. Trailer wheel bearings should always be replaced in a set, that is the cup and cone together. In a bearing combination in a hub, the bearing on the inside of the hub flange (the side closest to the centre of the trailer)is called the inner bearing.
The bearing on the outside is called the outer bearing.
Marine bearing kits are provided with a marine seal designed to prevent water ingress and grease contamination.

LM (Holden bearings) are rated for 750 kg on a 39 mm round or 40 mm square axle.

LM Japanese Marine Bearing Kit Includes:

1 x Bearing cup LM67010, JAP

1 x Bearing cone LM67048, Jap

1 x Bearing cup LM11910, JAP

1 x Bearing cone LM11949, Jap

1 x Grease cap H26

1 x Seal Marine - LM and Composite

1 x Split pin 4MM x 25MM Zinc

AL-KO - ATS 3G GPS Anti Theft System - 698000Z3



The Black Knight Z-3 is a professional miniature GPS tracking device that can be hidden almost anywhere in your vehicle. Once activated, wired to a permanent power source and connected to a 3G cellular signal, the Black Knight will transmit its position every 15 seconds, store your travel history data and send you useful notification alerts.


Geofence (a security alarm fence around your vehicle)
Power Disconnect (be alerted as soon as your tracker is removed from mains power)
Speed (know when you exceed a speed limit)
Accrued travel distance and travel hours (for log keeping and servicing reminders)


High-performance antenna for covert stowing/robust transmission
Precision playback detail and increased accuracy (up to 5 metres)


Free Black Knight App (Android, iOS), or track via the Black Knight website


Simple installation. The AL-KO ATS can be wired up to almost any vehicle battery terminal (12V - 45V)
No buttons, simply disconnect for 10 seconds for device reboot
Custom dual-pin input locking mechanism for added strength and durability
1 discreet display LED indicating power, GPS and GSM/GPRS connectivity


All ATS packs come with 12 months connectivity included
Register/Activate via Black Knight (


Connects instantly in over 200 countries (conditions apply)


No requirement to arrange a separate SIM card with a plan.
Vodafone M2M arrangement for unlimited data built in.
Low monthly subscription fee after the first 12 months only.

AL-KO - IQ7 kit C/W actuator in car wiring & primus IQ controller - 355002EK


The AL-KO iQ7 is the latest in power assisted braking, designed to significantly improve stopping performance and safety for trailers with hydraulic brakes, especially large boat trailers. 

It allows immediate brake application the instant it is required. And iQ7 includes inbuilt breakaway technology to stop your trailer if it becomes detached from the tow vehicle. No other parts are required

Meeting Legal amp; ADR Requirements

In addition AL-KO iQ7 enables you to meet the legal requirement that all trailers with a loaded weight exceeding two tonnes (2.5 tonnes in New Zealand) must incorporate power assisted brake application.
Until recently the most popular solution was to fit a vacuum or compressed air system to the tow vehicle, but not only is this very expensive it often also means that the warranty of the tow vehicle is voided
Fitting the AL-KO iQ7 system allows the legal use of hydraulic disc brakes for towed vehicles and trailers over 2 tonne in Australia and 2.5 tonne in New Zealand, and also provides superior stopping performance.
The bottom line is you'll enjoy superior safety and peace of mind while knowing AL-KO iQ7 has been designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions, backed by AL-KO's global expertise in towing safety.


When an emergency braking situation occurs, the common downfall of some earlier electro-hydraulic brake actuators was time-lag or delayed response time.
This is due to the delay in receiving a signal from the controller and the time taken for the electric drive motor to pump enough fluid to activate the master cylinder.
AL-KO has addressed this, not only through its advanced XTREME electronic controller but, by utilising a compressed air reservoir to provide instant activation of the hydraulic master cylinder. This has resulted in an unparalleled response time.
Only AL-KO iQ7 stores compressed air within a pressure chamber, allowing immediate brake application the instant it is required.
AL-KO iQ7 has been equipped with the latest superior computer processor circuit technology for maximum reliability. AL-KO has also completed over 220,000 cycle tests on iQ7.
Mounting Easy attach hook and clip system and velcro strips for pole mounting
This level of testing simulates the equivalent of setting off on an average of 42 trips per year over 10 years, without iQ7 experiencing any problems. This re-enforces the quality and reliability of the technology. To complete the offer of complete peace of mind, AL-KO provides a market leading 3 year warranty

Suitable for many applications including:

Boat Trailers
Car Trailers
Any Hydraulic braked trailer
And many others...

On Sale

AL-KO IQ7 - Hydraulic Bleed Gun - 350045

$118.00 $135.00

Bleeding instructions using Sensabrake Pressure Bleed Gun

1. Fill reservoir with clean brake fluid to just below the top of the sight glass.
2. Place the pressure bleed gun socket gently over the neck of the reservoir applying gentle pressure to locate the bleed socket place.
3. Screw the lid in place to secure the socket.
4. Do not push on with excessive force or damage may be caused to the reservoir or the 0 ring on the pressure bleed gun socket.
5. Place the other end of the bleed gun tube into a bottle or container of fresh, new brake fluid.
6. Open the bleed screw (start with the furthermost calliper) at least one full turn. Place a clear flexible hose over the bleed screw and immerse the other end into a container partially filled with brake fluid.
7. Squeeze the pressure bleed gun repeatedly (but not too fast or cavitations may occur) ensuring that the bulk brake fluid tank and the reservoir do not run out of brake fluid or air will enter the hydraulic system. At no stage let the fluid level in the reservoir fall below the minimum fluid level indicator.
8. Continue squeezing the pressure bleed gun until the brake fluid in the flexible hose attached to the bleed screw is free of air bubbles and tighten the bleed screw.
9. Repeat the process with the next furthermost calliper away from the actuator.
10. Bleed the other side of the trailer starting with the closest calliper to the actuator first as above
11. Connect the trailer to the tow vehicle and turn on ignition to activate actuator. Allow the compressor to fully charge the actuator (approx 90 seconds). Once the compressor has stopped apply the brakes, and hold on for a 5 second period and release. Repeat this 4 times.
12. Check the brake fluid level in the reservoir. It should not exceed the top of the sight glass maximum level.
13. Replace the fluid reservoir cap.

AL-KO - Stub Axle - 39mm round x 205mm - Rated 750kg/pair - 143911


AL-KO stub axle 39mm round x 205mm machined with LM profile. This stub axle is rated 750kg/pair.

AL-KO - Wheel Nut Set - 7/16" - Zinc Plated - 490371


AL-KO Wheel Nuts are available in various sizes. Always ensure that you use wheel studs and nuts that are correct for the wheel size selected. Includes 5 X Wheel Nuts 7/16" black.

AL-KO - Hex Drive Corner Steady Handle - 654700


The Hex drive handle for is used to raise and lower Hex Drive corner steadies. The handle is 800mm long and zinc plated for corrosion resistance.

AL-KO - 1600kg Parallel Caravan Bearing - Japanese - 484501


Caravan wheel bearings comprise of two parts, the cup which is pressed into the hub and the cone. This is the part that contains the rollers of the caravan wheel bearing. Caravan and Trailer wheel bearings should always be replaced in a set, that is the cup and cone together.

In a bearing combination in a hub, the bearing on the inside of the hub flange (the side closest to the centre of the trailer) is called the inner bearing.

The bearing on the outside is called the outer bearing.

Parallel bearings are generally considered better for going off road as they have a higher load rating (1600 kg). With standard bearings, the inner bearing is larger than the outer, but with parallel bearings they're the same size.

This bearing kit is rated to 1600kg/pair.

1600kg Jap Parallel Caravan Bearing Kit Includes:

2 x Bearing cup L68110, Jap
2 x Bearing cone L68149, Jap
1 x Grease cap (DC2)
1 x Seal - 28600 - Slimline type


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