Aerosol Butane Gas 220G Bayonet 4 Pack


Butane cartridges commonly used in gas stoves and heaters. Supplied in a pack of 4 to help you avoid running out of gas half way through the cook.

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Height: 180mm
Diameter: 68mm
Capacity: 220g


DG UN Number: 2037
DG Ship Name: 2037 - Gas cartridges (flammable) without a release device, non-refillable
DG Class: 2.1
DG Pack Group: Not Required
DG Hazardous Chemical Code: 2YE
DG C.A.S. Number: 68475-59-2
Dangerous Road Freight: true
Dangerous Air Freight: true
Service Aid: Butane
Physical state: Compressed Gas Chemical container type : Pressurized Cylinder / Can
Aerosol type: Disposable Cartridge
Aerosol Weight: 220g



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