Removeable Lithium Brass Monkey Fridge Battery - 15.6Ah


Power your portable fridge efficiently with this 15.6Ah Brass Monkey fridge battery. Compact, lightweight, and robust, it offers reliable energy storage for solar-powered setups, ensuring your food is fresh and your drinks are cold, wherever your journey takes you. With four intuitive battery indicator lights, you'll never have to wonder how much charge remains, while its simple snap-on design makes it a dream to attach and detach whenever you need. Invest in convenience and ensure safe food storage with this Brass Monkey 15.6Ah removable lithium battery.

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Compact and lightweight, this 15.6Ah removable lithium battery is perfect for storing solar power and running your portable fridge or freezer. With four battery indicator lights on its face, you will always know exactly how much charge you have remaining. Robust and durable, it snaps easily into place whenever you need to connect or remove it for storage.

Product Colour:

Colour: Grey

Product Dimensions:

Length: 130mm
Height: 75mm
Width: 90mm
Weight: 1.1kg

Classified as dangerous goods;

DG Class: 9
Dangerous Air Freight: Yes
DG UN Number: 3480
DG Pack Group: II - Medium Danger
DG Ship Name: 3480 - Lithium Ion Batteries
Dangerous Road Freight: No
DG Hazardous Chemical Code: 4W
Battery Watt Hour Rating: 196.56Wh (required for lithium batteries)
Warranty: 12 months 

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Removeable Lithium Brass Monkey Fridge Battery - 15.6Ah